wood carving Narutaki

Kohsho Oiwa

大岩 広生

   At Kyoto Fusimi Inari mountain,
 my workshop is surrounded by waterfalls and bamboo forests.


   In such an abundantly natural environment, I have been carving Buddha statues ,tea tree dolls, repairing Buddha statues, carving Folk Art.


   "I receive power (ki) from nature and
 I carve wood (ki) with my mind (ki)"
                          -translated Japanese poem
    I have been creating wood carvings
with such a feeling.

Tea  tree dolls

   At the end of the Edo period, Tea tree
dolls (called netsuke strap) which depict
women in tea-picking costume , were created by the tea master Seisen  Kambayashi(1801~70).


   The Tea tree is believed to have strong lives because of the many roots
in the ground and the coming forth
many new tea leaves.


   The Tea tree is a symbol of good health, good birth, and lucky encounters.


    I started to carve Tea tree dolls in 2011.
Even by the citizens of Uji, they were not well known goods at that time.

    But I started to display tea tree dolls
 at the Uji tea events a few times a year
 with tea tree dolls research worker, Mr.Masaru Tanaka.
    I now feel Tea tree dolls are certainly becoming known little by little.
    Nowadays there are not many people who drinking Japanese tea by using a tea pot.
    I would like to help many people to have the chance to know and drink uji tea.
    I would like to continue to carve and introduce Tea tree dolls as my life work.


                 WOOD CARVING NARUTAKI
                      KOSHO OIWA


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